Voice Messages

This post is about obvious things, but it looks like they aren’t that obvious to some people.

Many messengers allow to send voice messages instead of text. These messages are problematic: you can’t read them in a meeting, you can’t skim through them later to remember what the conversation was about, you can’t search the contents of these messages… The fact that the voice messages are possible to send doesn’t mean you should. You shouldn’t.

There are valid reasons to send voice messages. Maybe you’re driving. Or, maybe the language you’re trying to communicate in is not your mother’s tongue, and you speak it a little but your writing is very hard to understand, and you don’t have the necessary keyboard layout installed, either. Or, maybe both your hands are in plaster…

No, “this message is long, would take a lotof time to type” is not a valid reason. Learn to swipe-type, learn to use voice typing. Learn to deliver your thougts concisely. Half of your voice message are “m-m-m"s “errrr"s anyway. Why do I have to suffer because you are too lazy to teach yourself to use the simple instruments?

There’s only on thing worse than sending voice messages: sending them to group chats.