My name is Evgeny, I live in Moscow, Russia, work as a software developer, and no longer teach at a medical university. This is my website.

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Recent posts:

On Text Editors

I didn’t ever try to collect any stats, but I think writing and editing text is the second thing I spend most of my time doing on a computer, first one being reading, of course. To write and edit text, one needs a text editor. Text editors are a constant source of holy wars, and I’ve been trying to make my choice (and join one of the sides) for as long as I can remember.


В речи программистов-разработчиков то и дело попадается слово «кажется»; иногда даже кажется, что это — слово-паразит. Поначалу оно здорово резало мне слух, а теперь я и сам — вполне осознанно! — употребляю его то и дело. Психиатры этого слова стараются избегать. «Если психиатру кажется, галоперидолом не пациента надо кормить!» — когда-то меня так одёргивали старшие товарищи, а спустя годы я сам стал этими же словами увещевать ординаторов и аспирантов. Дело не в том, что психиатр не имеет права на сомнение — все люди разные, и пациенты тоже; без сомнений тут никуда, они сами собой подразумеваются.

Almost-Touch Typing

Chatting about touch-typing unlocked a memory.

I was about 14, and got to live in Sweden for a month. Mobile phones were not a thing yet, and I kept in touch with my friends and family via email. I didn’t own a laptop, of course, but I could use my host’s PC.

Translit1 is a pain to type and read, so I set up Cyrillic keyboard layout. Naturally, there were no Cyrillic markings on keycaps, so I tried to touch-type, keeping my eyes on the monitor. It didn’t work well.

Most discussed:

Trusting the Digital Assistants

There are things that are nice and interesting to do, yet there are things you’d rather not spend your time and effort doing. People are different, and my categorization may not match yours, but on average, there are a lot of things in today’s life that one would like to delegate to some extent. Hiring a person or a team for this is something very few of us can afford, but technical progress gives some hope to wide audience, too.

Leveraging IndieWeb to Avoid Storing Others' Data

Owning your own data is great. I’ve been using this website as the central IndieWeb point of my online life for over five years, and I love it. However, the joy of owning your own website comes bundled with great responsibility: as the website owner, I am responsible for what’s on my site and for what’s stored “under the hood” to make this website work. It’s not a huge issue as long as I only post my own content on my site, but the cool thing about the IndieWeb — as opposed to “regular” Web — is its social aspect, the ability to interact with other people running other websites.

Voice Messages

This post is about obvious things, but it looks like they aren’t that obvious to some people. Many messengers allow to send voice messages instead of text. These messages are problematic: you can’t read them in a meeting, you can’t skim through them later to remember what the conversation was about, you can’t search the contents of these messages… The fact that the voice messages are possible to send doesn’t mean you should.


One could have a drink for extra courage and say something along the lines of: “You know, forcing people against their will to get vaccinated with some suspicious contraptions that have not been properly studied and that have neither been shown to be efficient nor actually have any measurable efficiency criteria — that’s not too good. People have been sentenced for less in Nuremberg and these things have been deemed unacceptable in civilized world ever since…”