Тут Институт Философии РАН заказал исследование «Является ли злом существование ада». На полном серьёзе: грант аж на 742 килорубля бюджетных денег! И договор уже в статусе «исполнение завершено».

скриншот с сайта госзакупок

Интересно, можно ли уже где-нибудь ознакомиться с результатами исследования. Могли, конечно, и засекретить — мало ли что там в результатах-то, но исходно вроде бы тема открытая…

За ссылку спасибо Витусу.

Automating Links to POSSE Copies On a Static Website

Up until today, I’ve been adding the links to POSSE copies of my posts manually. It hurt so much that I didn’t do it at all most of the time. I’ve been toying with the idea of automating this task for quite a while, but with a statically generated website it’s not very straightforward. I made it work, though. My site is built with Hugo. Each time I make an update, my server fetches the new copy from the git server, runs Hugo to build the site, and then runs static-webmentions to send the webmentions out.

The Beatles: Get Back

Yesterday we finished watching Peter Jackson’s eight-hour documentary on making the best music in the world in January 1969. It is definitely worth watching, and not only for Beatle-lovers (for whom this is a must-watch) but for music enthusiasts in general. Really amusing: creating of the songs from scratch, building a studio with what’s at hand, the organization and the recording of it all half a century ago. But mostly, of course, the mood: the inspiration of collaboration, the viscous melancholy of a halted process, the luminous joy of real friendship, the hopeless pain of a loss, and the contagious, all-encompassing happiness of those moments that make the life worth it — that’s what the movie is actually depicting.


Рептилоиды захватили планету, и даже детские игрушки разрабатывают теперь они. Как иначе объяснить счёты для восьмеричной системы счисления?


Причём это не ошибка на картинке, там действительно по восемь костяшек на перекладине!

По восемь костяшек!

Кем дети вырастут?


В тех местах, где я родился и вырос, снега немного. Не то, чтоб я в детстве не видел ни одного сугроба, но построить настоящую снежную крепость, как в книжках, не удавалось: должное количество снега и выпадало-то не каждый год, а если и выпадало, то очень быстро таяло, и построить успевали от силы полторы стены. Видимо, поэтому теперь, перебравшись в более континентальный климат, я всякий раз, видя в прогнозах «аномальные снегопады» и прочие «рекордные количества снега», где-то в глубине души надеюсь наконец-то стать свидетелем настоящего снежного праздника жизни.

Serving Go Subpackages: Apache Woes

I decided to do what  Will Norris does and host my go packages and projects under evgenykuznetsov.org/go. Will has explained how to do it in great detail and it was rather easy to set everything up following his post. He doesn’t mention the go-source meta tag but it was very simple to figure out looking at the code of his pages, too. I did run into one roadblock, though. The thing is, my website is served using Apache, not Nginx, so I had to figure out the rewriting part.

Google Breaks Things (Again)

Google Drive is gradually becoming more and more of a mess. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no viable alternative to Google Docs still, so I need to use it. And, of course, I need to backup it. For the last couple of years, I’ve been using rclone in a cronjob (and, later, a systemd timer) to sync my Google Drive contents to a local directory, and my backup system would take it from there.

Hosting a Debian Repository

Last week, I came across an old post by  Drew DeVault (I highly recommend his blog, BTW) and it resonated with me quite a lot. I immediately saw the light and wanted a proper way to effortlessly install the new versions of the little pieces of software I need on all my machines that need them. This has become quite a pain in the behind recently: the need to manually copy the binaries onto both my Raspberry Pi “home server” and the VPS that runs my site resulted in me using older versions of webmention.