Today’s breakfast conversation: at a first (or even a second) glance it’s hard to tell that Vagner is fifteen years younger than Cassidy and Behnken, while Ivanishin is only a year older than these two.

Soyuz MS-16 and SpaceX DM-2 crews aboard ISS
Anatoli Ivanishin, Ivan Vagner, Chris Cassidy, Bob Behnken, and Doug Hurley (photo by NASA)

I wonder whether it is that Russians age faster, or that Americans feed their astrounauts something special…


Found not one but two links to Cade Diehm’s article in my RSS reader this morning: one by Jacky Alciné, another one by Ton Zijlstra. Both seem to have enjoyed the article and speak highly of it, so I had to give it a read. Got up to the second sentence. From well-funded blockchain projects like IPFS to the emergence of large scale information networks such as Dat, Scuttlebutt and ActivityPub […]

Fixing Sound from a Logitech Webcam

Logitech makes very nice webcams. I own a C310, but other models are available (and sometimes have the same issue). Trouble is, on Linux the sound coming from the camera’s microphone sometimes gets distorted. Some call it “chipmunk sound”, others just say “sped up”; in any case, you sound “funny” and the person you’re talking to can not really understand you. Not good. The problem is, these cameras report the microphone’s sample rate as 48000 Hz, while in reality it’s only 16000 Hz.


This site has a “favicon” — that little icon to show in your browser window’s header, in your Favourites or in your RSS feed. Yes, that one: four white letters on black, with corners rounded a little. Nothing fancy, really, just a 4.5 KB SVG. It’s 2020, and you’d think putting that SVG up on the site, together with an obligatory .ico for legacy support would be enough, right? The modern software can use SVG to render the icon in any size it needs, and the old systems could fall back to the age-old .


The Raspberry Pi 3B+ I use for my home server seems to really dislike IPFS. Or, rather, there’s something between Debian, ARM64 architecture, IPFS, and process killing that terrifies my Pi to the point where it needs to forget about everything and reboot immediately. It only happens when I have the IPFS daemon running, and it always happens when I have IPFS daemon running: 3 to 7 days in my Pi would reboot all of a sudden.

Как устроена почта

Всякий, кто больше пары раз в жизни прибегал к услугам почты, чтобы отправить или получить посылку, непременно бывал озадачен разными странностями. Как вышло, что посылка через два континента дошла втрое быстрее, чем в соседнее село? Отчего две посылки, отправленные одновременно в один и тот же город, дошли с интервалом в две недели? Почему у двух посылок, отправленных с интервалом в неделю по одному и тому же маршруту, время доставки оказалось с разницей в месяц?