My name is Evgeny, I live in Moscow, Russia, work as a software developer, and no longer teach at a medical university. This is my website.

What can be found here?

  • Chiefly my blog,
  • but also some software I develop in my spare time,
  • as well as my reactions that I send webmentions from,
  • and various little things, such as
    • my PGP key for confidential messages
    • or links to my various accounts (under the picture above).
  • The Fediverse handle is, but RSS is a better way to subscribe.

Recent posts:


Лужа на диване. Жена от усталости и общей задолбанности уже в слезах, и в назидательных целях даёт понять дочери, что плачет из-за её отказа пользоваться горшком.

— Не плачь, мама! У тебя всё ещё будет…

Истерика, занавес.

Советов вайтишнику пост

Для того, чтобы войти в айти, мне потребовалось, кроме знаний, умений и всемерной поддержки супруги, очень изрядное количество везения. Кажется, можно было обойтись куда меньшим везением, если бы, начиная этот путь, я прочёл этот вот пост, но тогда этого поста не было. Теперь он есть; мне уже не так нужно, но не исключено, что кому-то поможет.


I was taking the daughter from the kindergarten. Together we put her in her warm pants, boots, hat with a pompom, scarf, and jacket. We couldn’t find her mittens, not even with teachers’ aid. No big deal, she wore my mittens all the way back home; she did complain they didn’t really fit, thought. The next morning I was the one helping her get dressed to go to the kingdergarten. Pants, boots, hat (it does look like it’s getting too small, I was right yesterday, we should shop for a new one), scarf, jacket, warm gloves…

Most discussed:

Leveraging IndieWeb to Avoid Storing Others' Data

Owning your own data is great. I’ve been using this website as the central IndieWeb point of my online life for over five years, and I love it. However, the joy of owning your own website comes bundled with great responsibility: as the website owner, I am responsible for what’s on my site and for what’s stored “under the hood” to make this website work. It’s not a huge issue as long as I only post my own content on my site, but the cool thing about the IndieWeb — as opposed to “regular” Web — is its social aspect, the ability to interact with other people running other websites.

Voice Messages

This post is about obvious things, but it looks like they aren’t that obvious to some people. Many messengers allow to send voice messages instead of text. These messages are problematic: you can’t read them in a meeting, you can’t skim through them later to remember what the conversation was about, you can’t search the contents of these messages… The fact that the voice messages are possible to send doesn’t mean you should.