About this website

This is the personal website of Evgeny Kuznetsov. This website was created to blog and share the information I find relevant, interesting, amusing or otherwise valuable.

This site is static, that is, a collection of pre-compiled documents sent to your browser by the server. By design, it has no way for visitors to interact with it. This facilitates a fast and safe experience for visitors, and also means I respect your privacy. This site is not tracking you.

There are, however, traces that your visit to this site leaves. Every time you request a page or a resource such as an image, a server that you request it from can make a record of the request, including the IP address, date, time, and information included in the request.

This site is hosted by DigitalOcean, so traces of your visit are stored in DigitalOcean’s network logs. Please use the provided link to inform yourself how DigitalOcean uses the data it collects about you. I have access to the server logs that have the records of your requests stored for a few days after your visit (the storage space is too scarce to store the records for a long time), and I use it to aggregate statistical information, such as, for example, the number of times a particular page of this site was requested, or the time of the day it was most requested on. This is done for my amusement.

The pages of this site also contain scripts that instruct your browser to show you third party content, such as IndieWeb-provided data or videos from YouTube. This is done for your convenience and so that the site looks nice. Please use the provided links to inform yourself about these companies and how they use the data they collect about you. If you do not want your browser to run these scripts and send requests to these entities’ servers, please use a script blocker such as the EFF’s Privacy Badger.


This website is operated by:
Evgeny Kuznetsov
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