New Home for indieweb-glue

A couple of weeks ago, Heroku announced they will be shutting down all their free plans this November. I’ve been using Heroku to host indieweb-glue for the last two years, and — in principle — I would be ready to pay for the nice service they provide, although the prices they’re announcing are somewhat discouraging for a little project like mine.

However, paying for Heroku isn’t even an option: I am Russian, I live in Russia, so paying online for non-domestic services requires jumping through too many hoops these days.

Of course, indieweb-glue will live on. I’ll be hosting it on the same VPS I host this website on, at least for the time being. However, the URL will have to go, so if you are using indieweb-glue1 (and don’t host your own copy), be sure to update the URL to before the end of November.

I should have used my own domain for the URL from the start, but learning how to set it all up seemed too much of a hassle back then2. Well, here’s a lesson: own your data and own your URLs, IndieWeb is good for you!

  1. I know at least Zack does, or did at some point. ↩︎

  2. It turned out to be extremely simple. ↩︎

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