Dear Yahoo

Dear …,

We noticed that you haven’t signed in to your mailbox *** in a while. If you would like to continue receiving emails in this account, please visit and log in by February 13, 2021.

If you do not log back in, this account will stop receiving email messages and the entire contents of your mailbox will be subject to deletion, including all email messages, settings, and folders.

For additional information, please visit the Yahoo Mail policy page at:

If you forgot your password or need help logging in, please visit this:

We hope to see you soon!

The Yahoo Mail Team

Dear Yahoo,

I have never cared for a Yahoo mailbox. I didn’t want it in the first place, but you created it automatically when you purchased some service I was using. I don’t even remember which one that was, and I no longer seem to use it. Perhaps that’s because it turned to shit as everything you touch does.

Please delete every piece of personal information you have on me and never bother me again.