Proposed property: u-translation-of

A property to indicate that the h-entry is a translation of the linked text into another language. Can be used in the same way as the existing u-like-of and u-repost-of properties, that is, either contain the URL which the h-entry is the translation of, or (optionally) contain and embedded h-cite.

Can be useful to inform the original source (via a webmention) of the existence of the translation, providing a way for the original source to enumerate translations automatically.

Example in the wild: the Russian translation of the original article contains the following markup inside the h-entry (irrelevant classes/tags omitted, human-readable text translated into English for clarity):

<span class="h-cite u-translation-of">
  this is a translation of the article
  <a class="u-url"
       WhatsApp and the Domestication of Users
  author of the original text is
  <span class="h-card p-author">
    <a class="u-url" href="">
      <span class="p-name">
        Rohan Kumar