Instagram or GTFO

Here’s a part of a telephone call I’ve just had:

— I understand that you don’t currently do Open Days, with the COVID and all that. Is there a way to learn more about your facilities and staff before signing the contract?
— Sure, we’re doing our Open Days online now. If you’re a social networks’ user, check out our Instagram account, we have all the detailed information there, or just visit our website for information.
— Yeah, I don’t use Instagram, and your website says “check out our Instagram account for details and schedule”…
— Oh, so then the current information is on Instagram only, I’m sorry.
— But what do I do? I don’t have an Instagram account, and it wouldn’t show me anything unless I log in!
— The easiest way would be for you to register an account. It’s free, you know…

You might think I was calling a coffee-shop that serves some gorgeously-looking, tasteless, and ridiculously overpriced food and drinks. For such an establishment the Instagram-only policy would make total sense since the only people interested at all would be Instagram users. I mean, the message is crystal-clear: if you’re not an Instagram user, you are unlikely to be interested in our services, and we are definitely not interested in having you for a client. Fair enough. That’s true, or at least makes sense, for many businesses nowadays, although I must admit I was somewhat surprised in this particular case.

I was calling a hospital.

The Internet is officially FUBAR. I’ve made my peace with Facebook-only local government, I tolerate VK-only online shops, but Instagram-only hospitals? People, are you insane?!

You’re not, of course. You’re simply too ignorant to care and too lazy to do it right. You’re comfortable using the platform you know and you don’t want to learn how to publish the same thing on your website. You don’t actually care that I don’t want to register on another social network. I understand. Just don’t be surprised that I will avoid using your services as long as I can help it.

I just hope I’ll never have to cave in…