This is probably the main reason I haven’t (yet?) joined the whole federated social network experience thing: you need to choose a platform (and an instance) wisely, especially if you think you’ll want to be going on five or ten years from now. I need something that suits me now, and it should be versatile enough to suit me in the future (whatever that may hold). I end up thinking I need my own instance, and I need to be able to heavily customize it when needed, and wait, I already have one, it’s my website! It’s been working for me for years, through redesigns and rebuilds, and it will likely keep working for me, evolving with me.

I view Fediverse as a welcome half-way solution for those who don’t want to be siloed on the centralized services but, for a variety of reasons, don’t feel like running a personal website. I don’t think I’m ever going there myself.

Which is why Bridgy Fed is one of the most important projects in the Indieweb space for me right now.


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