I always supposed that having a Mastodon instance for just one person (or even five) was a massive overkill. Mastodon seems to be built with larger userbases in mind (somewhere between a hundred and a thousand of users per instance). That’s where it does shine indeed.

In a recent Late Night Linux episode, Alan Pope (of the Ubuntu Podcast fame) talks at length about how a one-user Mastodon instance turns out to be a storage- and bandwith-hog. I wouldn’t want to deal with that myself, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to.

I didn’t research it, but there must be other Fediverse sofware more suitable for this. And the reason I didn’t research it is Bridgy Fed: it allows me to use the website I already have to interact with Fediverse, and, combined with my RSS reader, is all the Fediverse software I felt the need for so far. Other people’s mileage may and will vary, of course, but I doubt Mastodon should be the first thing to look at.