Fair point. But can you really say that every limitation your government (or any other non-totalitarian government) imposes is backed by real science, even if they say it is? I know I can’t say that about my government, but then again, I can’t claim my government is non-totalitarian.

You see, my perspective on the whole mask-regime mandate is a bit different and for the reasons that will hopefully become clear in a moment I sometimes find it hard to really understand and internalize yours, which is what I’m trying to do to broaden and adjust mine, hence all these questions. For me, this mandate is just another limitation my government is imposing. It’s not even that much out of proportion, compared to the other things the same government did for the last 20 years. It’s not like things were all good and democratic, and then all of a sudden our government went all Weimar-Republic-1933 on us.

But that’s quite a digression from where it all started. I’m just saying — back to my original comment — that I think there actually are ways to force people to do something they don’t like for the sake of public or even their own (alleged) safety in (at least seemingly) non-totalitarian ways.

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