Funnily, LJ was my second ever blogging platform, too. I blogged there since 2004 (I think) up until 2011, which also makes it the blogging platform I’ve used the longest. I love the fact that my blog isn’t on that platform any longer, and the thought of moving back there gives me a shiver.

I own my content now. I decide what my blog looks like. I’m the only moderator of my content. I decide whether to show ads to my readers, and if I ever decide to show ads only I will decide what kind of ads those would be. I don’t care who owns and who plans to buy the platform together with all my data, because it’s my own platform and I own it. I’m not afraid the next update will break my blog, because I control it, and it won’t.

I get why people who don’t know better may want to use LiveJournal or a platform like it for their blog. I was one of these people back in 2004. But why would a person want to move back to LiveJournal for their blog is beyond me.

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