Webmentions Backup Tool

Last night I finally found some time to add the one thing my whole setup was lacking since the move: backups of incoming webmentions.

As explained in the linked post, I decided to use webmention.io to process incoming webmentions so I don’t have to store them on my site. It all works nicely, and I like everything so far, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned through the years spent online, that would be “no service stays online and functional forever”. While I trust Aaron to keep the service up and not break it, having a backup of all the received webmentions was something desperately needed to keep my mind in peace.

So, I wrote a little tool. It’s nothing but a little command-line thingy that talks to the webmention.io API and saves all the webmentions to a JSON file. Nothing fancy, really, and the code is simple, but I’m not a real programmer, so I’m really proud when something I wrote works as intended. This one does.