Found not one but two links to Cade Diehm’s article in my RSS reader this morning: one by Jacky Alciné, another one by Ton Zijlstra. Both seem to have enjoyed the article and speak highly of it, so I had to give it a read.

Got up to the second sentence.

From well-funded blockchain projects like IPFS to the emergence of large scale information networks such as Dat, Scuttlebutt and ActivityPub […]

Cade Diehm “This is Fine: Optimism & Emergency in the P2P Network”

This article may contain valuable thoughts, but I can’t force myself to read it any further. I’ve tried three times, I just can’t get past this sentence. My brain starts screaming in agony: “This schmuck is calling IPFS a blockchain project and ActivityPub an information network. The schmuck has no idea what either IPFS or ActivityPub is and didn’t bother to research. The author has no clue about the things he’s discussing. Complete waste of time! Close the tab! CTRL+W now!!!”

Note to self: if you don’t get your facts straight in the first place, your ideas — though they might be brilliant — may fail to ever be heard.