Dear netizens!

Dear netizens!

For years and years I’ve been operating a stable 24/7 relay for Tor (Fast, HSDir) and I2P (fP) using an old laptop in my cupboard. Later this year (supposedly in November) such activity is becoming effectively illegal in Russia, so today I have shut these down for good.

I hope I’ve done some good service to people all over the globe wishing to access and spread information. I have always believed censorship is bad for our species, and every sane adult should decide for themselves what to read and what to write, what to listen to and what to say.

I like to think that during these years I’ve helped many people in countries where censorship is a problem. Now Russia is one of those countries, too, so I have to step down. Now it is your turn.

Give a hand if you can. Run a Tor or an I2P relay. Spread the word.

Stay free and help people of your planet stay free.