Go Packages and Projects


Client library and simple command line tool for parsing and converting changelogs.


A Go library that (partially) implements Google Library API.


An app to download pictures and videos stored in your Google Photos. The following info is here for the Google bureaucrats. Privacy Policy I don’t collect anything and don’t care about your data. More than that, I urge you to create your own project in Google Developers Console and use that instead of the pre-configured credentials. See README for details. Terms of Service The app is licensed under GNU GPL. Use it in whichever manner this license allows.


A tool to help migrate the contents of your website to Hugo. Originally built to fetch contents from Known, later expanded to work with Google Plus, LiveJournal and Diary.ru.


An app to download episodes of your favourite podcast to your local archive.


Инструмент для создания RSS-лент передач «Радио России».