Maybe I misjudged

Thank you for your replies to my recent post! I must admit I’m rather flattered by the attention you gave it, and your input prompted me to re-visit my thoughts on You are two of the few people whose authority and expertise in the IndieWeb field can hardly be questioned. You both speak highly of Manton Reece, and having no personal experience communicating with him I gladly take your word on his good intentions.

What is up to? is usually considered to be a nice platform. Its community is nice and cheerful, it is simple and minimalistic, and some IndieWeb people even seem to think it is proper IndieWeb. is not an alternative silo: instead, it’s what you build when you believe that the web itself is the great social network. Brent Simmons Well, I agree: is not just an alternative silo. It’s worse than your average silo.


Сегодня чуть мозг себе не сломал. В одном из pet-проектов решил забросить-таки на GitHub функционал, который напилил на прошлой неделе. Функционал так себе работает, но работает. Тесты проходятся, всё путём. Сырое, конечно, всё, но, как говорится… Why do you call this software “beta”? — Because it’s beta than nothing. Слил в master, добавил чуток документации, git push — и Travis CI валит билд с ошибкой! Тесты не проходят. Но у меня-то на компе проходят, и на ноутбуке проходят тоже.