Going Interplanetary

I have already complained about how hard it is to properly do Indieweb in IPFS, yet I still couldn’t help wishing I had this website in IPFS. A website that is on IPFS is always available (although it may be slow to load the first time) as long as the DNS record is there and at least one copy exists online (which is why such a website can only be blocked at the DNS level).


According to TechCrunch, the European Parliament has lost what was left of its collective sanity: The European Parliament approved a new law on terrorist content takedowns yesterday, paving the way for one-hour removals to become the legal standard across the EU. The regulation “addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online” will come into force shortly after publication in the EU’s Official Journal — and start applying 12 months after that.


Looks like matebook-applet got hit by the recent Codecov security blunder. There seems to be no evidence that the potentially leaked credentials have actually been used for anything, but I’ve revoked and rotated everything just in case. Better safe than sorry. A sensible person would have thought about such things from the start. By the way, wouldn’t it be nice if Travis had a dont_trust_this [COMMAND] alias that would drop all the “secure” environment variables before running [COMMAND]?

The Right to Be Forgiven

The “right to be forgotten” is stupid. It can’t be enforced. Let’s say you’ve tweeted something fifteen years ago, something you found funny and daring at the time, but it turned out to be stupid and misguided in the opinion of today’s you, and you regret ever typing those words. And let’s say I remember that tweet. You can make Twitter delete it, you can even make Web Archive delete it, you can make Google remove it from its caches and indexes, but as long as you don’t have that MiB flashy stick you can not make me forget it.

Goodbye, DreamHost

I’ve been a DreamHost customer ever since I switched from hosted solutions to managing my own website. Back then, I was searching for a web hosting that would allow me to host a Known instance with as little hassle as possible, and DreamHost was one of the first options IndieWeb Wiki listed. I gave it a try and fell in love immediately. DreamHost was great. Very easy to set up, with clean and comfortable to use administrative panel, seamless SSH access, and everything you’d need for a little private website available and easily accessible.


Perhaps the most surprising thing about parenting a newborn child1 is the fact that you need to figure it all out by yourself. Parenting is not really a recent invention. In fact, humans have been doing it since even before we formed as species. Every generation in the history of mankind has done it — literally! — and no generation was a complete failure at it so far. You’d think that after accumulating knowledge in this area for tens of thousands of years, the most basic things would be common knowledge by today, wouldn’t you?

Proposed property: u-translation-of

A property to indicate that the h-entry is a translation of the linked text into another language. Can be used in the same way as the existing u-like-of and u-repost-of properties, that is, either contain the URL which the h-entry is the translation of, or (optionally) contain and embedded h-cite. Can be useful to inform the original source (via a webmention) of the existence of the translation, providing a way for the original source to enumerate translations automatically.

You Need to Be Serious About It

If you fire up a terminal on your Mac and run a command that shows you’re going to use the computer beyond the usual facebooks and pornhubs (try git --version or some such), the OS will offer to install the Command Line Developer Tools. It doesn’t say which tools those are but git is included, so it is worth at least something. To install those Command Line Developer Tools you’ll need at least 2.

And Then There Was Silence

We have a Bosch Series 4 washing machine. It’s a good one, I like it. Besides, there aren’t many washing machine models that would fit into our apartment, and as far as ultracompacts go, this one rocks. It’s spacious, has lots of programmes, has a quiet night mode — lovely. Has but one problem: it beeps when the washing is done, and the sound is shrill. And it beeps in the night mode, too, so you wake up anyway.