My website now can switch between light and dark color themes automatically. For instance, if your phone switches to dark theme at night like mine does, my website will switch, too.1 Huge thanks to  Vika and  Gregory for showing me the right direction! The same people explained to me how the pictures on this website were done wrong so I fixed the way the pictures are displayed. I most likely did a bad job of fixing it since I didn’t dive into the matter deep enough, so if by any chance you see something wrong with the pictures here, please let me know.


If you ever found yourself even in the general vicinity of clinical trials in psychiatry (let alone worked in one), you’ve heard of Signant Health (née Bracket). They’re huge. They’re the go-to vendor for the rater training, and they’re good at it. I’ve been in the business for over a decade, certified for rating patients with every psychiatric scale you could think of, and I’ve worked with a number of vendors in this field — not as a customer, mind you, but as a rater; I’m telling you, these people are the best out there.

Yet every time I need to use their Learning Zone platform, I cry.

Leveraging IndieWeb to Avoid Storing Others' Data

Owning your own data is great. I’ve been using this website as the central IndieWeb point of my online life for over five years, and I love it. However, the joy of owning your own website comes bundled with great responsibility: as the website owner, I am responsible for what’s on my site and for what’s stored “under the hood” to make this website work. It’s not a huge issue as long as I only post my own content on my site, but the cool thing about the IndieWeb — as opposed to “regular” Web — is its social aspect, the ability to interact with other people running other websites.

Privacy? Nyet!

Many people worry about privacy these days — and rightfully so. Common practices of modern web lead to privacy violations left, right, and center. Websites tracing visitors and selling the data to advertisers became the norm rather than an exception. For the less techincal people among us it’s easy to get confused and scared, and being confused and scared is the perfect way to become a victim. Where there are potential victims, there are predators.


Today’s breakfast conversation: at a first (or even a second) glance it’s hard to tell that Vagner is fifteen years younger than Cassidy and Behnken, while Ivanishin is only a year older than these two.

Soyuz MS-16 and SpaceX DM-2 crews aboard ISS
Anatoli Ivanishin, Ivan Vagner, Chris Cassidy, Bob Behnken, and Doug Hurley (photo by NASA)

I wonder whether it is that Russians age faster, or that Americans feed their astrounauts something special…


Found not one but two links to Cade Diehm’s article in my RSS reader this morning: one by Jacky Alciné, another one by Ton Zijlstra. Both seem to have enjoyed the article and speak highly of it, so I had to give it a read. Got up to the second sentence. From well-funded blockchain projects like IPFS to the emergence of large scale information networks such as Dat, Scuttlebutt and ActivityPub […]