Serving Go Subpackages: Apache Woes

I decided to do what  Will Norris does and host my go packages and projects under Will has explained how to do it in great detail and it was rather easy to set everything up following his post. He doesn’t mention the go-source meta tag but it was very simple to figure out looking at the code of his pages, too. I did run into one roadblock, though. The thing is, my website is served using Apache, not Nginx, so I had to figure out the rewriting part.

Google Breaks Things (Again)

Google Drive is gradually becoming more and more of a mess. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no viable alternative to Google Docs still, so I need to use it. And, of course, I need to backup it. For the last couple of years, I’ve been using rclone in a cronjob (and, later, a systemd timer) to sync my Google Drive contents to a local directory, and my backup system would take it from there.

Hosting a Debian Repository

Last week, I came across an old post by  Drew DeVault (I highly recommend his blog, BTW) and it resonated with me quite a lot. I immediately saw the light and wanted a proper way to effortlessly install the new versions of the little pieces of software I need on all my machines that need them. This has become quite a pain in the behind recently: the need to manually copy the binaries onto both my Raspberry Pi “home server” and the VPS that runs my site resulted in me using older versions of webmention.

Scanning to a Multi-Page PDF from Command Line

I never described how I do multi-page scanning but it is actually just a simple script. All the heavy-lifting is done by scanimage that is actually doing very well. The script is only there to pass it the necessary options… scanimage doesn’t do PDF but it does multi-page scanning perfectly. I own an old Canon LiDE 20 and the fact that it can wait for a keypress before scanning the next page is very nice (lacking the automatic feeder).

Webmentions Again (And More)

Up until recently, I had webmentions displayed using webmention.js, and I highly recommend it as the simplest way to those of you who still don’t. This solution was, however, always meant to be temporary, if only to avoid being locked into As a first step of getting out of the lock-in, I re-did the whole webmentions display thing this summer. It all looks mostly the same (which was one of the points), but “under the hood”…


One could have a drink for extra courage and say something along the lines of: “You know, forcing people against their will to get vaccinated with some suspicious contraptions that have not been properly studied and that have neither been shown to be efficient nor actually have any measurable efficiency criteria — that’s not too good. People have been sentenced for less in Nuremberg and these things have been deemed unacceptable in civilized world ever since…”