Webmentions Backup Tool

Last night I finally found some time to add the one thing my whole setup was lacking since the move: backups of incoming webmentions. As explained in the linked post, I decided to use webmention.io to process incoming webmentions so I don’t have to store them on my site. It all works nicely, and I like everything so far, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned through the years spent online, that would be “no service stays online and functional forever”.

i18n Re-Visited

Done a good weekend’s job: added a button to my site’s menu bar1. A single button but a lot of tweaking under the hood. Every list-page of the site (that is, the main page, posts list, list of posts for a given tag, etc.) is now available in four versions: in Russian, but including pages in English that have no Russian versions; in Russian with pages only in Russian; in English, but including pages in Russian that have no English versions; in English with pages only in English.